TWN Launches Raider Broadsword Water Transfer Printing Film


We’re back at it again with Raider Concealment. Introducing Raider Broadsword, a new kind of digital concealment pattern. With over 25 years of developing camouflage patterns for hardgoods and apparel, the creators of Raider Concealment have developed something completely unique that is changing the camouflage game as we know it.


High-Tech, Effective Concealment

The world is changing. The outdoor industry is changing along with it. Traditional photo-realistic camouflage patterns are getting tired. For nearly 30 years, camouflage patterns have evolved from military-inspired abstract designs toward hyper-realistic depictions of natural elements. The reality is that while these patterns are pretty to look at, all of that detail just doesn’t matter in the field or in your treestand.

Camouflage was developed to break up the human outline and blend the user into a variety of different environments. In order to achieve this, patterns need to be abstract and non-specific. Military tacticians know and understand this principle and now the outdoor industry has begun to circle back on this core fundamental of effective concealment.

Raider Broadsword utilizes Geo-Matrix, a proprietary technology that blends the user into their surroundings with abstract, randomized geometry paired with a blending of color, texture and overall form.


Optimal Environments

Raider Broadsword was designed for gray/brown fall and winter hunting environments. Broadsword provides superior concealment because it is a true multi-function/multi-environment pattern. The advanced digital algorithms create a layered pattern that adapts to surrounding colorations and structure.

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Hunt. Adapt. Become a Raider.

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